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Why You Should Have a Remote Car Starter on Your Smartphone

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As technology progresses, so do the features and add-ons available for your vehicle. One of the more popular features that can now be installed on virtually any type of vehicle is the remote car starter. So, rather than violently shivering as you wait for your car to heat up, you can simply warm up your vehicle in advance with a mere push of a button. What’s more, you no longer need to fumble with a special key fob in order to activate the remote start capabilities. Instead, you can now operate this feature via your smartphone. Here’s a look at some of the advantages of having your remote car start on your smartphone.

Protection for Your Engine

When the temperature drops, it’s important to give your engine time to warm up before stepping on the gas pedal. Not doing so, can be extremely taxing on your vehicle’s motor as the oil, which provides lubrication for your car, will not have had enough time to heat up. Just as your muscles need to be stretched and warmed up before you start your weight-lifting workout, your engine needs the same care and consideration. Whether you’re hitting the road after a tiring day at the office or running out to check some errands off your list, all you need to do in simply open the app on your smartphone and select to start your vehicle a minute or two before hopping in.

An Extra Layer of Security

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of purchasing a remote starter is it provides an added layer of safety and security for your car. Whether you’re cooling off your vehicle because it’s cooking beneath the sweltering summer sun or you’re defrosting the sheet of ice that’s made a home on your windshield, you no longer have to leave your keys in your car after starting it.

The remote smartphone starter will not only protect your vehicle from possible theft, but it will allow you to drive safely during the chilly winter months when snow and ice create poor visibility. Many remote car starters are also equipped with an alert feature to notify you if someone is tampering with your vehicle’s security system to further prevent unwanted theft or damage.

Boost Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Who wouldn’t want their piggy bank to become fuller than expected when going to sell or trade in their vehicle? By installing a remote car starter, you’ll instantly increase your car’s resale value, putting more money back in your pocket. This is because a remote starter, especially when paired with smartphone capabilities, is a feature that’s highly sought after by those looking to purchase a vehicle.

Kick-Start Your New Driving Experience

Forget scraping ice from your windshield, burning your hands or exposed limbs on your car’s interior because of a scorching hot day, or having to brush away snow ever again (don’t you love walking into the office with your clothes wet?). With a plug and play remote starter on your smartphone, you’ll save time, drive safer, and enjoy a whole new driving experience!

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