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Three Reasons Why You Should Change Your Oil Regularly

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How clean is your car’s oil? If it’s like most drivers making their way around the GTA, it’s pretty dirty. But it shouldn’t be.Oil makes sure all the intricate moving parts of your engine are properly lubricated and ready for action. It keeps it clean and in good standing thanks to its detergent and anti-wear properties. But over time, environmental contaminates running through your engine can degrade this oil’s ability to do its job. Dark, gritty oil is just one of many signs suggesting you need to change out your oil. If you’re still not convinced, here are three reasons why you should keep on top of your oil and filter changes.

  1. It keeps your engine cool

Basic high school physics taught you that friction causes heat. When the moving parts in your engine aren’t properly lubricated, they rub up against each other and create friction.If you make sure your oil is clean and at the right levels, you can limit the friction created in your engine and prevent over-heating.

  1. It removes sludge and other build-up

It doesn’t matter what kind of oil you buy, they all degrade over time. Either dirt enters and contaminates the oil, or the oil is overworked to a point it becomes sludge. Both can cause corrosion that reduces your engine’s lifespan. When you change your oil and filters regularly, you’re keeping your engine clean and free of sludge.

  1. It improves your gas mileage

With the price of gas today, it’s little wonder why so many people are searching for ways to improve their gas mileage. While choosing an eco-friendly car isn’t always an option, small decisions regarding your vehicle’s maintenance can improve any car’s mileage. A poorly lubricated engine can increase a car’s fuel consumption.

Standard auto advice of old recommended you change your car’s oil after 3,000 miles, but many cars can ride up to 10,000 miles between changes. If you drive on the 401 or 427 every day, then you’ll need to replace your oil earlier than someone who drives sparingly.If you’re still not sure where your vehicle lands on this spectrum, speak with your local car service centre for advice. A full auto repair service centre like Veerpreet can determine the best schedule for your car. They understand the importance of regular oil changes better than anyone in Mississauga or Brampton, so they’re a great resource for all your oil changing needs. From techniques to oil brands, they offer the best oil change Mississauga has to offer. They’ll have the right answer for your needs.

Changing your oil on your own can be a challenge, especially if you’ve never done it before. But don’t let your inexperience stop you from completing this essential task. If you’re at all uncomfortable with performing an oil change, one of the mechanics at Veerpreet can help you with a quick oil change Mississauga drivers can trust. They can also help you with filter changes as you need it.

Don’t worry if cost is a barrier. You can find ways to make it more manageable by typing‘oil change Mississauga deals’ in your preferred search engine and finding a coupon to help keep your cost low.

There’s no excuse. Set up a regular appointment that works with your driving habits, and make dirty, overworked oil a thing of the past.

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