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Electric Motorcycles & Scooters Market 2018

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There is a wide variety of scooters and motorcycles currently available for consumers in the market. This category covers a combination of the electric motorcycle, electric scooter, an electric bicycle. In 2017, the electric motorcycles and scooters market was dominated by scooters that captured 85% of the market share. This is attributable to a fair Hero bikes price model thus an increase in the adoption of scooters in the urban areas that are increasingly characterized by high vehicle traffic. Current figures and statistics point to continued growth in the share of electric two-wheelers. Several reasons explain the sustained increase in their share of the market. Here are the major ones.

The Push Environmental Friendly Motors

Environmental protection is a big subject at the moment. The green revolution is making many companies ensure that their activities and products do not harm the environment. Studies have shown electric motorcycles as a potential contributor to a cleaner environment for riders. The increase in the adoption of motorcycles by many people in the Asia and African contents has made them a subject of interest in the advocacy for a clean environment. Gasoline fumes emitted by the non-electric motorcycles contribute to the greenhouse effect that is responsible for global warming.  Electric engines also produce less noise resulting in quieter urban areas.

Favorable Regulation

Due to the environmental benefits of electric motorcycles and scooters over their non-electric counterparts, different jurisdictions have implemented policies that favor their production and use. Such policies include tax exemption for imports, research grants, and sponsored ads. Riders may also be allowed access to some of the areas with restrictions for more motorcycle riders.

Low Maintenance Costs

While the purchase price for electric motorcycles tends to be higher than that of the ordinary bikes, as an owner of an electric motorcycle or scooter, you do not have to worry about recurrent fuel costs. Check out hero bikes price for a comparison of the prices for various Hero models. The bikes have no oil, spark plugs, timing belts, filters, and gearbox or clutch in some cases. As such, the items that you have to check, maintain or replace are few. The brake pads and hydraulic fluid are the only primary items of concern when it comes to routine maintenance. The savings made on maintenance offset the difference in the initial cost of acquisition. You’re able to free money for other things that you enjoy.

High Power and Torque

Electric motorcycles are fast, which is a major consideration for riders looking to purchase them. The Pikes Peak Hillclimb record is held by electric vehicles for both bikes and cars. There is an instant 100% torque for an electric motor implying rapid acceleration. The only major limitation is that the delivery of power is so linear that there lacks a “surge” feeling that many riders usually experience in the case of the conventional fuel-powered engines.

With such great benefits, it is easy for one to see why the popularity and market share of electric motorcycles and scooter has risen in 2018. The growth is expected to continue into the foreseeable future.

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