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A Simple Fall Maintenance Checklist for Your Car

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Generally, fall offers motorists the Goldilocks of driving conditions — not too hot and not too cold. That sweet spot is fleeting, though. Winter is quick to follow on the fall’s heels, bringing with it icy temperatures and slippery road conditions. If you expect your vehicle to greet Old Man Winter with its game face on, you need to take the time this fall to make sure it’s ready for the harshest season of the year. Here’s a simple checklist to get you started.

Change your air filters

After a long and hot summer, your air filtration system has worked hard to keep out a ton of dust and pollen. You need to replace the air filter in your vehicle to improve the cabin’s airflow and its engine performance. It’s one of the easier maintenance jobs to take on yourself, and there are plenty of online tutorials to help you through it. You shouldn’t feel discouraged if they leave you scratching your head. Your local mechanic will cover these in a comprehensive checkup.

Consider your tires

Despite their name, all season tires aren’t ideal for every season of the year. While they can handle anything that spring, summer, or fall can throw at them, they struggle under winter conditions. Many drivers think these tires are safe as long as they don’t live in a place like Southern Ontario —where snowfall is a normal part of winter.  They’re wrong. Though snow, slush, and ice do make any tire work harder, it’s the freezing temperatures that really challenge them. Due to their tread and composition, all seasons fail to maintain contact with the road surface once the mercury dips below 7°C or 44°F.

Drivers in wintry places like Mississauga should switch to winter tires as soon as the temperature consistently drops below 7°C or 44°F.  In Mississauga tires are a normal focus of fall maintenance checklists because of the weather this city can expect. While some drivers can switch out tires on their own, most try to find the best auto repair Mississauga has to offer for help with their winter tires. A service centre like Veerpreet doubles as a dependable tire shop Mississauga motorists trust, so its technicians make short work of this task. If you also expect the face temperatures below the suggested limits, you should find a mechanic shop near you to help install winter tires on your vehicle.

Change your oil

A good rule of thumb is to change your oil roughly every 12,000–16,000 km. The average driver puts around 1,000 miles on their car every month, so you might be due for an oil change by the time the fall rolls around. Failure to your change oil as often as you need to means your car is running old, dirty, and potentially sludge-like oil through its engine. This reduces its effectiveness as a lubricant, so the chances of overheating due to friction increase despite the cooling temperatures.Regular oil changes ensure only the best oil runs through your engine at any time.

Fall maintenance for your vehicle doesn’t have to be complicated or time-intensive. This list just serves as a reminder to think about your car in the fall. You can carry out simple upkeep on your own or enlist the help of a mechanic to make sure it’s ready for the winter.

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