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4 Tips For Opening Your Successful Car Dealership

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Opening any new business is a daunting task; a car dealership more than most. Given the overhead, space requirements, and overall complexity, it would be understandable for anyone to feel intimidated by this kind of undertaking. But it is far from impossible. Below are a few pointers on how to set your new dealership on a path to success!

Great People

This one should probably go without saying. The backbone of any good business is its staff. You can have the greatest idea for a business in history… and it will be doomed to fail if you do not staff it with the right people. Do not cut corners in this area just because your dealership is new. Make sure you are doing your due diligence when hiring. You want people with experience in car sales, of course, but they are easier requested than acquired. Consider people with extensive work experience in retail sales. After all, it’s easier to teach someone about a product than it is for them to learn how to make a successful sale.

A Clean And Well-Organized Sales Floor

Again, a no-brainer, but a necessity nonetheless! Your sales floor needs to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. An immediately evident attention to detail in your showroom can give a huge boost to your sales. Car models should be accessible to every customer who comes through the door, and your sales associates should have a clear path to reach them within moments of them entering. An easy thing to overlook here is cleanliness. Ensure that your sales floor is being swept at least a couple of times a day, especially in the colder and rainier months, and that the front windows are wiped down every morning.

An Excellent Website

While car dealerships might seem like a distinctly offline shopping experience, it would be foolish to ignore the digital marketplace or to cut corners on your web presence. People are shopping online more than ever; people looking for cars are no exception. Consider looking at integrating a live chat function into your website, enabling potential customers to directly interact with a live, third-party operator. It is imperative you learn how to increase leads for your dealership online these days. Before long, you’ll be seeing those customers offline, too!

Events And Incentives

Never underestimate the power of special events and sales or unique incentives to bring business through your front door. With Labor Day right around the corner, one of the biggest holidays for car sales in North America, consider throwing a special event; offer customers discounts or free food and beverages. If your dealership is equipped for it, offer incentives to customers like after-sale car care or free bi-annual check-ups. Any incentive that might save time or money down the road will certainly be appealing to your customers!

All these tips and tricks might seem simple, but they will go a long way toward building your reputation both online and in your community. Great customer service, excellent web presence, and a few freebies are sure to have people visiting your dealership… and hopefully rolling away!

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