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4 New Pickup Trucks That Can Get The Job Done

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Some vehicles promise style, others deliver high-octane speed, and still others offer drivers comfort and practicality. But when it comes to raw power, nothing compares with the pickup truck. And for men who want a vehicle that works as hard as they do, we are living through a veritable golden age for pickups. Perhaps never before have there been as many high quality pickup trucks on the market, or as wide a range of different specializations.

Whether you need a heavy-duty pickup for serious hauling or a nimble light-duty designed to take on jobs where economy and agility are of greater importance, there is a vehicle out there that fits your needs. Here are four of the most exciting 2019 models to consider if you are in the market for a new truck this year.

Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

Sometimes, bigger really is better, and when it comes to hauling this is especially true. In recent years the tow-and-torque wars have escalated between the largest automotive companies with a robust line of pickup trucks, and every year a new crop of heavy-duty vehicles vie for the crown of most powerful truck on the road. But while the Silverado 2500 HD certainly isn’t lacking in muscle, it is its smart features and excellent tech offerings that most distinguish it from its peers. If you don’t want to sacrifice brains for brawn, the Silverado is the truck for you.

Toyota Tacoma

If your work takes you off the road as often as on it, the Tacoma is a vehicle well worth your consideration. Ideally suited both to rugged fieldwork and highway driving, the Tacoma is a mid-size truck that is a joy to drive while also being tough as nails.

Nissan Titan XD

While advertising, prizes, and the automotive journalism industry tend to highlight trucks that dominate one category or another and thereby feed into the idea that there is a straightforward hierarchy of quality in trucks, practical shoppers who are just trying to find a new vehicle that works for their life are as likely to be browsing which vehicles fulfill their needs using the search functions on Kijiji Autos as they are to be pouring over the latest specs and reports from news outlets. For this kind of shopper, the Nissan Titan XD is one of the best options available: more powerful than the average full-size, it is a versatile, capable vehicle that gets the job done without fuss.

Ford Ranger

One of the most notable additions to Ford’s 2019 line-up is the mid-size Ranger, which is returning to North America after an absence of eight years (the Ranger has continued to be a popular option in South America and the international market). The Ranger is clearly intended to serve as a challenger for popular rival models like the Chevy Colorado. With a great range of features, a powerful engine, and a sumptuous cabin design (all at a competitive price point), there’s a good chance it will carve out a sizable chunk of the mid-size market for itself in the coming year.

For contractors, farmers, and other manual labourers, a truck is a lot more than just a way to get from A to B. A truck is as vital a tool as a hammer or a screwdriver, and it is as indispensible as either. Finding a truck that can handle everything life and work throws at it day-in and day-out means looking for a vehicle that is suited to your particular needs. In very different ways the Silverado 2500 HD, Tacoma, Titan XD, and Ranger excel at providing an ideal blend of performance, features, and functionality for their market segment.

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