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What To Keep In Mind While Buying A Used Jet Ski

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Riding on a jet ski is the most fun and enjoyable adventures that you may have in your life. So if you are planning to buy your own jet ski, there are a certain factors that you need to keep in mind. The market for used Jet Ski has been increasing day by day. Though you need to be extra careful if you are planning on buying a used jet ski.

What Type of Jet Ski Should You Buy?

It is highly recommended that you should never go for a 2-stroke jet ski. There are many companies that still manufacture these jet skis. The engines of the 2-stroke Jet Ski are phased out and create huge amount of air pollution. Also, it may get harder to find its parts as people don’t use them anymore. The 2-stroke Jet Ski will not have a Dip Stick and a 4-stroke jet ski will have it.

Engine Hours

There are many brands that mention engine hours of 300 on them and in most of the cases that are not true. Also, engine hours do not matter a lot and there are other important factors that you need to focus one like the hull condition, water testing and maintenance. You can look for amazing models of Jet Ski or snowmobiles on https://performancenc.ca/vehicules/usages/motoneige/ for reasonable deals.

Water Testing

This is the most common ad important thing that you need to keep in mind. You should not buy a jet ski unless you have water tested it. Make sure that the watercraft takes off instantly when you start. Also, you should check for the RPM’s and ideally it should be over 7000 RPMs at full throttle.


You need to have a good look at the Jet Ski you are buying. Check for any damage in the seats or other parts of the model. Also, check for the rust around pump and engine. Also, check if the watercraft has been sunk. To do so, you can simply take off the seats and see how heavy they are. If it was sunk, it would have heavier seats.

When it comes to buying the watercraft, make sure you get a fair deal. You can compare the prices online to check if you are not paying more than needed. If there are any kind damages in the Jet Ski, the cost of repair should be taken off the retail price.

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